Lofthouse Freezer

Lofthouse Freezer

  • Location:
    689 West 300 North
    Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Square Feet:
  • Project Manager:
    Blake Wahlen 

In 2002, Lofthouse Foods, the producer of Lofthouse Cookies, found itself eager to streamline and grow its operations but was trapped by its own success.

Through steady growth, Lofthouse's manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities had become stretched among four different locations scattered across three cities in two states. Lofthouse had outgrown its existing shell and was seeking a new home. The Boyer Company's Business Depot Ogden provided the solution.

Business Depot Ogden created an innovative and practical solution for Lofthouse. The team proposed joining an existing facility with a newly constructed freezer building designed to Lofthouse's specifications. The result was the perfect combination of old and new.

The marriage of the two facilities allows operations to flow seamlessly from receiving raw materials, through manufacturing and packaging, and to warehousing and distribution. Through combining a cost-effective renovation with an ambitious, build-to-suit development, Lofthouse now has a state-of-the-art, fully integrated facility.

The 267,000-square-foot brick building Lofthouse has since occupied in the Depot serves as the company's main manufacturing facility, while the new 120,000-square-foot freezer building provides the adequate space needed to round out Lofthouse's operations. The new complex provides Lofthouse with a streamlined facility today and the opportunity for future growth tomorrow.