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Frequently Asked Questions

What is commercial real estate development?

Commercial real estate development is improving a commercial property from its original state, this can range from simple land acquisition to leasing a turnkey rentable space. Development projects require a variety of expertise depending on its needs, some examples include site selection, financing, contracting, tenant improvements, space design, buildouts, and/or licensing. On your own, handling commercial real estate development can quickly become time-consuming, challenging, and expensive without professional experience. Commercial real estate developers can offset the load by handling the management of these projects. These developers will guide you through the commercial real estate development process. If you are interested in working with trusted real estate developers in Utah, contact Boyer.

What is the commercial real estate development process?

The commercial real estate development process ensures maximum productivity throughout various construction phases. There are many complex parts involved in the process which largely depend on the type of construction needed. Usually, commercial real estate development involves improving the property for tenants or leaseholders. Commercial developers will walk you through each stage of the process, including contracting and hiring vendors, designing the space, construction, and the in-between contract stages. The Boyer Company is one of the top commercial real estate developers of Utah. Contact our experts for help developing your commercial real estate properties.