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Mesa Commercial Real Estate

With nearly 51 years of experience developing commercial real estate, Boyer is one of the largest development firms in the Western United States. to date, Boyer has developed over 43 million square feet of commercial space and currently has over $700 million of additional development in progress. Our experienced real estate development team is passionate about finding the perfect community where your business can thrive. With the Boyer team as your commercial real estate developers in Mesa, you’ll maximize your portfolio with our wide variety of integrated service capabilities.

Boyer in Mesa – Mesa’s Commercial Real Estate Market

Navigating the Mesa commercial real estate market requires a dedicated expertise and excellence. Boyer has the experience and knowledge to guide you through every phase of the development process. We’ve established ourselves as leaders in the Mesa commercial real estate development market. some of our commercial real estate in Mesa and the surrounding areas are listed below.

Rio 2100 East Office Building | Tucson commercial real estate development

Commercial Real Estate Development in Mesa by The Boyer Company

39 Mountain Vista Boyer

Mountain Vista Medical Office Building

41 Arizona Orthopedic Boyer

Arizona Orthopedic Hospital and Offices

Boyer's Commercial Real Estate Services in Mesa, Arizona

Clients of Boyer Real Estate have the opportunity to select from a variety of commercial real estate services that fit seamlessly into the project’s requirements. When you partner with Boyer for any Mesa commercial real estate development, we become your project manager partner. Our team provides full-scale project management, from project identification to land acquisition, lease signing, construction, and more. We’ll give you oversight, quality control, and support through every phase of the development process. From the project’s design through construction to pre- and post-occupancy, we’ll be by your side to ensure that the project is successfully completed.

Our firm integrates a thoughtful and integrated approach to commercial real estate development and design. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way with top-notch communications and seamless workflow. To ensure that your plan has appropriate solutions in every area, we analyze every detail of the project. We remain one of the leading commercial real estate developers in Mesa with our commitment to excellence in every step of the process.

Land Development Phoenix | Boyer Company
Freedom Financial arizona office real estate

Meet Our Mesa Commercial Real Estate Developers

Boyer’s knowledge Mesa commercial real estate development team is uniquely positioned to create value for our clients in Mesa. Drawing on our years of experience in various markets, we draw on our experience developing commercial real estate while creating new, unique solutions. Our commitment to extreme quality, price sensitivity, incredible integrity, and needed flexibility means that we will be your ideal partner through every step of the development process.

At Boyer, we take pride in curating partnerships with clients in. many different types of industries. Our exceptional management techniques, in addition to dedication to our clients, make us one of the leading commercial real estate developers in Mesa. When you meet our talented team, you know you’ll have a team to help you create a strategy to complete your project’s needs. Take a look at the incredible list of our projects. To begin creating a plan to meet your needs, get in touch with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Development in Mesa, Arizona

Should I hire a real estate developer?

One of the smartest decisions you can make during commercial real estate development is to hire a real estate developer. Having a skilled developer is beneficial to maximizing the return on your investment. Throughout the development process, hundreds of decisions will need to be made every day. A real estate developer will shoulder much of this load by walking you through every step of the development process. From navigating budgetary needs, acquiring permits and licenses, contracting vendors, or other day-to-day duties, a real estate development team will be by your side. If you’re still in the purchasing phase, a real estate developer can help you through the land acquisition process. In addition, our developers can help you mitigate costs by focusing on project design and managing the construction process. When you begin your search for commercial real estate in Mesa, start by contacting our experienced team. Our varied real estate development services can help get your project going in the right direction.

Do real estate developers need a license?

Currently, real estate developer requirements don’t include certification. Nonetheless, some commercial developers can explore different licenses to boost their qualifications. The Realtors Land Institute’s Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) is one such license. It is a credential license offered within real estate development. To qualify, developers submit several documentation pieces, including an active real estate license, institute membership for at least six months, and a minimum of three years of experience in areas like real estate sales, brokerage, or development. Applicants must also complete courses through Land University and pass an exam. It is also required to keep the membership active to remain valid. To learn more about property developers’ requirements, contact the team at Boyer Real Estate.

How do real estate developers get financing?

It is most common for real estate development projects to require financing from outside investors. However, if needed, a professional real estate developer can help offset the burden of financing and help secure funding. Real estate developers should have long-standing relationships and offer a vast real estate portfolio to demonstrate financial strength. The development firm should also have an outstanding reputation with no history of faulting on any project or lending obligation. In addition, a real estate developer can offer their internal cash for project delivery costs incurred during the initial stages of project development, including design feeds, site due diligence expenses, and project mobilization costs. It’s a plus to have the ability to invest additional equity as needed to facilitate financing terms. Managing the project’s costs and expenses will become a priority when funding is received. When you work with a real estate developer, you can create a plan to optimize any budgetary needs. Even though the financing and property development phases seem complex, having an experienced real estate developer to help you navigate any challenges is important. Contact Boyer to learn more about our wide variety of real estate services.

What is real estate development?

Real estate development is the handling of the development and construction of land or property. Such projects involve acquiring property, designing construction plans, overseeing day-to-day activities, and handling costs. Depending on the project’s needs, real estate companies can offer various services, whether it’s contracting vendors, acquiring licensing, managing buildouts, securing leases, and more. Some investors and owners may handle real estate development by themselves. However, it can be challenging and time-consuming. In addition, if you don’t have professional experience, it can be expensive. Boyer can help management development by walking you through the project’s life, including acquisition, design, and construction phases. To work with our exceptional team of Mesa developers, contact Boyer today.

What is the real estate development process?

Real estate development is the process of making tangible improvements to a property to provide monetary value. It ranges from land speculation and acquisition to construction and tenant improvements. The role of a real estate developer is to provide management services that bring the entire development process together, from hiring an architect or other vendor, establishing necessary licensing, and handling other day-to-day activities. In addition, real estate development involves navigating financial needs by focusing on project design and managing all construction activities. If you need commercial real estate developers in Mesa, contact Boyer today.