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Phoenix Commercial Real Estate

Boyer Company is a leading Phoenix commercial real estate development company and has been for over 51 years. Boyer is one of the largest development firms in the Western United States, with insight and experience in every sector, including industrial, office, retail, institutional, government, medical, school, and mixed-use development. The company is a full-service commercial developer, and the company’s in-house experts provide design services, financing options, permit obtention, and construction services. Boyer has impacted Phoenix commercial real estate development and growth and the company’s extensive list of completed and ongoing commercial real estate projects span the Phoenix area and across Arizona.

Boyer is capable of taking your ideas from design to completion, Our firm can provide consultation and service for:

  • Large land transactions
  • Financial partnering
  • Project design
  • Permit acquisition
  • Construction management

Our specialized experience in and dedication to your project will give you the peace of mind necessary to allow you to focus on your real estate portfolio in Phoenix commercial real estate and beyond.

Arizona Office | Boyer Company
4203 E. Indian School Road #300,
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Boyer Company in Phoenix: Phoenix’s Changing Commercial Real Estate Market

Phoenix is the fifth-largest city in the United States and has one of the fastest-growing job markets and economies in the country. The city has added more industrial space in the past ten years than nearly every other city and continues to grow in a variety of sectors, including:

  • High technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Bioscience research
  • Advanced business services 

Boyer’s real estate portfolio has developed successful projects in each of the above sectors, as well as other sectors that are currently booming in Phoenix and throughout the region.

Phoenix Parking Garage by Boyer Company

Commercial Real Estate Development in Phoenix by The Boyer Company

7 Gateway Academy Boyer

Gateway Academy in Phoenix, Arizona

Freshly developments real estate

Freshly in Phoenix, Arizona

Boyer’s Commercial Real Estate Services in Phoenix

The City of Phoenix is supportive of real estate developer companies and commercial developers, offering development assistance, grants, state and local incentives, and the Opportunity Zones program.

Boyer Company’s leading Phoenix developers are skilled in working with the city, state, and other important players throughout each project. They are thoughtful and communicative throughout the process and find solutions that work for everyone.

Real Estate Development Phoenix | Boyer Company
Real Estate Development Phoenix | Boyer Company

Meet Our Phoenix Commercial Real Estate Developers

Boyer’s team of skilled professionals have decades of experience and knowledge needed to guarantee a smooth and successful road to project completion. Adrian Evarkiou is one of our leading commercial developers in Phoenix and Arizona state and has been instrumental in successful transactions totaling over $1 billion worth of Boyer real estate. 

Boyer Company employs knowledgeable partners who have the depth of experience and relationships needed to meet and exceed the needs of our clients. They stand ready to take on a variety of projects with confidence and care. Their skillsets encompass experience in a variety of sectors, including:

With decades of commercial real estate development experiences, Boyer’s talented team members also have the financial capabilities to make any project successful.

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Development in Phoenix, Arizona

What is real estate development?

Real estate development is the handling of development and construction of land or property. These development projects involve acquiring property, designing construction plans, managing day-to-day activities, and navigating costs. Real estate companies provide services depending on the needs of the project. For example, your project may require contracting vendors, acquiring licensing and permits, creating space design, securing financing, managing buildouts, securing leases, or other services. The list is long. 

Property owners and investors may handle real estate development on their own. However, it is challenging and can quickly become time-consuming and expensive if you don’t have professional experience in the field. The real estate developers at Boyer can help you manage development by guiding you through the life of the project, including the acquisition, design, and construction phases. If you are interested in working with our qualified real estate developers in Arizona, contact the Boyer Company today.

What is the real estate development process?

Real estate development involves making tangible improvements to a property that provides monetary value. The real estate development process ranges from land speculation and acquisition to new construction and tenant improvements. It is the developmental process by which land and property are visualized, designed, constructed, occupied, and sold. A real estate developer provides management services that bring the entire development process together, whether it is hiring an architect or other vendor, establishing necessary licensing, and handling other day-to-day activities. Real estate development also involves navigating financial needs by focusing on project design and managing construction activities and providing the initial capital in order to do so. You can begin your search for a real estate development team by contacting the Boyer Company. Our commercial real estate developers offer services that will maximize the potential of your project.

For specific questions regarding a particular development project or proposal or specifics on real estate developer firms, we invite you to meet with one of our team. Contact us today regarding any future project designs or questions. We look forward to taking your project to the next level.

Should I hire a real estate developer in Arizona?

When you hire a real estate developer, you have the best chance of maximizing the return on your investment. Commercial construction projects involve hundreds of decisions every day and having a developer you trust to handle the daily decisions allows you the peace of mind of a job being carried out competently and carefully. Real estate developers in Phoenix shoulder the majority of the load while walking you through the development process. Whether it is navigating budgetary needs, acquiring permits and licenses, contracting vendors, or other day-to-day duties, real estate developers are by your side, offering their expert opinions and guidance. You can also count on a real estate developer to advise you on land acquisition decisions if you are still in the purchasing phase. Developers will help you mitigate costs by focusing on project design and managing construction. 

You can begin your search for a real estate development team by contacting the Boyer Company’s experienced developers. Our commercial real estate development services will help you get your project headed in the right direction. Learn more by calling us today.

Do Arizona real estate developers need a license?

Real estate developers do not require or include certification. However, commercial developers or self-employed developers can explore various licenses that may boost their qualifications. For example, the Realtors Land Institute’s Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) credential is a license offered within real estate development. Land developers can qualify by submitting several documentation pieces, including an active real estate license, institute membership for at least six months, and a minimum of three years of real estate experience in areas like real estate sales, brokerage, or development. Additionally, applicants must complete courses through Land University and pass an exam. Property developers must keep their membership active for it to remain valid. If you want to learn about property developers’ specific requirements in your area, contact the Boyer Company.

How do real estate developers get financing?

Many real estate development projects require financing from outside investors. If needed, a professional real estate developer has the ability to offset the stress of financing and help secure funding through banking relations and an impeccable reputation. A real estate developer should be able to offer a vast real estate portfolio that shows financial strength, an outstanding reputation, and no history of defaulting or lending obligation. 

Real estate developer can also offer their internal cash for project delivery costs incurred during the initial stages of project development, including design fees, site due diligence expenses, and project mobilization costs. This ability to invest additional equity as needed to facilitate financing terms is a plus. Banks should be familiar with the developer’s operations, development capability, and financial capacity. 

Once you receive funding, you will need to manage your project’s costs and expenses. You can also work with your real estate developer to create a plan that optimizes your budgetary needs. While the entire property development process, including financing, seems complex, having an experienced real estate developer can help you navigate the challenges ahead of you. Contact Boyer to learn more about our real estate services.