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Nevada Commercial Real Estate Development

Across the Intermountain West, the Boyer Company is a dedicated, knowledgeable partner when it comes to commercial real estate. Our Nevada commercial real estate development and land development team provides expert guidance and proven solutions to make the most of your next project in the Silver State. We aren’t new players when it comes to commercial real estate. Since 1972, landowners, governments and business entities have trusted our team of real estate professionals to generate quantifiable value by targeting areas often overlooked by others. We’ve not only witnessed the changes in the commercial real estate market — we’ve helped make them thanks to forward-thinking strategies that benefit our clients.

Whether you need help navigating the Nevada commercial real estate market, look to Boyer as your commercial developer in Nevada.

A Top Commercial Real Estate Company in Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, and Surrounding Areas

Commercial real estate and land development is one of the most profitable business ventures in Nevada. In fact, at a rate of 10.9 percent, Nevada ranked first in the United States for fastest GDP growth in 2021. But, with so many unique challenges for commercial properties in Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, and other areas of the state, it is critical to understand the market before starting your venture — or have someone on your side who does.

We’ve worked with leading brands to develop commercial real estate spaces that support unparalleled innovation in their industry. Our client list includes:


  • Tesla
  • Dell EMC
  • Entrata
  • Thumbtack
  • The Home Depot
  • Skullcandy


As Nevada’s economy continues to experience explosive growth, commercial real estate demand is high. Now is the time to invest. At our commercial real estate development firm, we worry about the day-to-day details so you can focus on growing your business.

Weave Office building in Lehi Utah
Podium building - commercial real estate development in utah

When you choose Boyer, you gain access to a suite of executive commercial real estate services perfectly tailored to your individual project. Our team offers it all, including: 

  • Full-Scale Project Management
  • Project Identification
  • Land Acquisition
  • Lease Signing
  • Construction Management
  • Property Management

Our commercial project management and land development services offer valuable, cost-saving insight. We identify and mitigate risks before they happen. We also bring unmatched quality control and experienced support to every phase of your Nevada commercial real estate project. From design, construction, and pre-post-occupancy, we’ll be on your side, keeping things running smoothly and offering clear communication each step of the way. 

With a deep understanding of specific industry needs, we can support the following projects:

Commercial Real Estate Development Services Offered in Nevada

We Develop Real Estate Throughout Nevada

From the Las Vegas metro area to Carson City and Reno, we are available wherever you need to break ground:

Las Vegas


North Las Vegas



Spring Valley

Sunrise Manor



Carson City

& more

Meet Our Commercial Real Estate Developers in Nevada

Boyer is one of the largest commercial real estate development companies in the West. With over 43 million sf commercial real estate space developed since 1972, Boyer has a unique understanding of what commercial real estate solutions work best west of the Rockies.

Boyer commercial real estate projects are developed under the highest standards in the commercial real estate industry. Our primary values are extreme quality, price sensitivity, incredible integrity, and needed flexibility. With these values guiding all that we do, you can expect superior results catered to your timeline and budget.

Connect With Our Nevada Commercial Developers

The key to successful commercial projects is having the right team on your side. Contact us to tell us about your next project.

FAQs About Nevada Commercial Real Estate Development

Should I hire a real estate developer?

A real estate developer often increases your return on investment — especially with commercial projects. Office, retail, medical, or industrial construction requires constant decision-making and oversight. With a development partner like Boyer, you don’t have to shoulder the majority of the work; they will guide you through the development process and handle much of the day-to-day decisions. With experience budgeting, getting permits and licenses, hiring vendors, as well as other duties, skilled real estate developers are well-known to save you both time and money.

A development firm can also consult with you on land acquisition before you begin construction. Begin your search for a real estate development team by contacting the Boyer Company’s experienced commercial developers in Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and other areas of the Intermountain West. Our commercial real estate development services in Nevada will help you get your project in Las Vegas or Reno headed in the right direction.

Do real estate developers need a license?

It is not required that real estate development companies in Nevada obtain certification or licenses. However, highly-skilled commercial developers often choose to earn licenses that enhance their qualifications and ultimately benefit their clients. 

For example, the Realtors Land Institute’s Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) credential is a license for land developers. To qualify, they must submit several documentation pieces, including:

  • An active real estate license
  • Institute membership for at least six months
  • Proof of a minimum of three years of real estate experience in areas like real estate sales, brokerage, or development.

Additionally, applicants must complete courses and pass a test through Land University. Property developers must keep their membership active for it to remain valid. If you want to learn about property developers’ specific requirements in Nevada, contact the Boyer Company.

How do real estate developers get financing?

Commonly, real estate development projects need financing from outside investors. When this happens, a professional commercial developer can reduce the stress of finding this outside funding. If funding expertise is high on your list, select a company with long-standing relationships with financial institutions and a large real estate portfolio that proves its financial integrity. Additionally, the commercial real estate developer should boast an excellent reputation and have no history of defaulting on a project or loan. 

Real estate developers may also be responsible for offsetting early project costs from the initial stages of development. This could mean covering design feeds, site due diligence expenses, and project mobilization costs. Some commercial developers may even invest equity as needed to support financing terms. After funding is secured, you can manage your project’s costs and expenses yourself or work with your real estate developer to optimize your budget. The entire property development process, primarily financing, is difficult to manage alone. However, experienced real estate developers, like those at Boyer, can guide you through it.

What is real estate development?

Real estate development, or property development as it is often called, is activity that involves the acquisition, management, improvement, construction, and sale or lease of property. 

A real estate developer will provide management services that bring the entire development process together. From hiring an architect and other vendors and establishing necessary licensing, to managing other day-to-day activities, and leasing, real estate developers offer services that will maximize the potential of your project.

What is the real estate development process?

Real estate development includes many moving parts — each of which may change from project to project. Generally, the process encompasses buying property, designing construction or renovation plans, overseeing day-to-day activities, and managing costs. Real estate developers assist at every phase of this process, whether it’s contracting vendors, acquiring licensing, and permits, creating space design, finding financing, managing buildouts, or securing leases. While it’s possible for property owners and investors to manage real estate development projects on their own, it is a challenging, time-consuming process that can quickly drain funding without the right oversight in place.

Boyer, one of the most experienced  Nevada real estate companies, can help you manage development throughout the entire project, from acquisition, design, and construction. If you are interested in working with our qualified commercial developers in Nevada, contact us today.