BDO 570 Home Depot

This building is a new prototype for bulk distribution for Home Depot, completed in 2017. The building is 262,000 square feet with 30’ clear ceilings. The building has one 400 foot rail spur inside the building and an additional rail spur in the yard behind the building. A 90’ clear span bay and 24’ wide doors allow full size semis to drive into the building to be loaded. The building is also equipped with a state of the art HVAC system to cool and heat the entire warehouse. It has 8” floors and ample room for product staging, truck parking, and future building expansion.

Project Details

• 570 N Depot Dr, Ogden, UT
• 260,000 Square Feet

Project Managers

Aaron Austad Industrial Land Developer | The Boyer Company

Aaron Austad


Cameron Cook Industrial Land Developer | The Boyer Company

Cameron Cook