Boyer Hill Military Housing

Boyer Hill Military Housing (BHMH, teamed with Hill Air Force Base in September 2005 to secure the development of quality, affordable, safe on base housing for the families in the military. Due to the constraints of military funding the Air Force was unable to provide the funds to make these improvements. BHMH secured $41 million in Bond Financing and an additional $33.6 million in a Government Direct Loan to fund a six-year development plan that will rebuild, renovate, and upgrade over 1,000 homes at Hill Air Force Base. Thanks to a cooperative effort between Hill Air Force Base and Boyer Hill Military Housing, old homes are being demolished and replaced with new homes, swamp coolers are being changed to central air conditioners, and school-tile floors are being carpeted. Over 250 military families have already moved into their new or renovated homes.

Project Details

• 4114 Charleston Loop #B Hill AFB, UT
• 1,020 Units
• 270 Acres

Project Managers

commercial real estate developer

Brent Pace

School / Office

Brent Pace has developed over two million square feet of real estate including charter schools, office buildings, and housing redevelopments. His expertise includes financial modeling, project management, lease negotiation, and entitlement processing.

15 years at The Boyer Company

Master of Business Administration – University of California
Certificate in Real Estate from the Fisher Center for Real Estate
Bachelor of Science in Political Science – University of Utah