Boyer Hill Military Housing

Boyer Hill Military Housing (BHMH, teamed with Hill Air Force Base in September of 2005 to secure the development of quality, affordable, and safe base housing for military families. BHMH secured $41 million in Bond Financing and an additional $33.6 million in a Government Direct Loan to fund a six-year development plan (2005 thru 2011) that rebuilt, renovated, and upgrade 1,018 homes. They did one of the first Reinvestment Account (RIA) projects in 2017 that built 10 new homes for our junior enlisted families. In January of 2021 BHMH started a $10 million RIA phase 2 project to renovate 350 homes over the next three years. The BHMH project has 1,092 units, with multiple amenities, amazing 24-hour maintenance and dozens of community events provided to residents. Thanks to a cooperative effort of the Hill Air Force Base and Boyer Hill Military Housing, the project has been consistently named in the top 3 of the 63 Air Force privatized housing projects. The Boyer Company is proud to be a privatized Military Housing partner with DOD. Our homes allow families to live the American Dream that they work so diligently to defend and protect.

Project Details

  • 4114B Charlestown Loop Hill AFB, UT 84056 (PM offices)
  • 1092 Units (1.660 M Sq/Ft)
  • 270 Acres
  • 13 Parks & a Splash Pad
  • Walking Trails
  • 24 Hours on site Maintenance

Project Managers

Danny Davis Real Estate Developer

Danny Davis