Liberty Sky Apartment Building Development Project in Salt Lake City

The Boyer Company has partnered with Cowboy Partners to develop this beautiful 24-story apartment building located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City on 151 South and State Street. Amenities will include a penthouse clubhouse, pool, fitness center, game room, and wifi cafe, in addition to ground floor conference room, hospitality services, and parking structure.

Real Estate Project Details

• 151 S State Street, Salt Lake City, UT
• 300 Units
• 24-story

Real Estate Project Managers

Nate Boyer

Nate Boyer


Utah commercial real estate team, the Boyer Company and co-partner Cowboy Partners are working together to develop a beautiful 24-story apartment building that should finish in late 2021. Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City on 151 South and State Street, the Liberty Sky Apartment Building is a 366,000 square foot concrete and glass structure with a five-story parking garage.

Liberty Sky will be the tallest residential building in Salt Lake City, standing at an impressive 24 stories. The development highlights stunning valley and mountain views with floor-to-ceiling glass accompanying its ten-foot ceilings and exposed concrete design. Between its striking height and unique industrial aesthetic, Liberty Sky is sure to be a popular choice for renters in today’s booming real estate market.

Renters will have plenty of options to find their perfect space. The development project will provide nearly 300 residential units, ranging from studios to two-bedroom apartments, with the majority of them being one-bedroom apartments.

Residents of Liberty Sky Apartments will enjoy a range of amenities, including a penthouse clubhouse, pool, fitness center, game room, and a Wi-Fi café. In addition to these premium amenities, the ground floor will feature a conference room, lobby, hospitality services, and a convenient five-story parking structure.

The parking structure will provide residents with one stall per unit, while a handful of extra stalls will be available to lease. Whether driving, riding, or walking, our development team ensures that all of Liberty Sky’s residents will have front-row access to the breadth of SLC with easy access to the city’s transit system and walking trails.

The commercial real estate property also plans to expand to the sidewalk level of State Street with a north-facing main building entrance fronting a small public plaza. This will provide residents quick access to the green and blue lines of the UTA TRAX system for a short commute. This light rail system runs up and down the Wasatch Front from North Salt Lake City to southern Salt Lake in Draper, with future expansion plans in the works. It also connects to UTA FrontRunner stations, which run from Provo to Ogden.

Apartment Development Project Details

Liberty Sky Apartment Building is a new commercial property located in Salt Lake City on 151 South and State Street. The 24-story residential development includes approximately 300 units ranging from studios to two-bedroom apartments. Amenities of the Liberty Sky Apartments will feature a magnificent rooftop pool and a high-energy amenities penthouse that will include a hot tub, gym, outdoor barbecues, and a game area located nearly 240 feet above the ground. Additional amenities include a Wi-Fi café, ground-floor conference room, lobby, hospitality services, and a five-story parking structure.

Apartment Development Project Managers

As co-partners on the Liberty Sky Apartment Building development project in Salt Lake City, our commercial real estate development team provided project oversight, support, and quality control throughout the development and construction of the project. With just the right planning, team, and location, our partnership took the idea to new heights (24 stories, to be exact).

From design to construction, we worked closely with Cowboy Partners to create a high-rise luxury living space for Utah’s growing rental market. Our commercial real estate Utah partners set project timelines to ensure that all teams involved met the established delivery expectations. Our teams also worked together with Smallwood and Jacobsen Construction to determine which solutions would allow us to build high-density spaces that would address amenity, environmental sustainability, and resiliency concerns.

In addition, our team coordinated with city officials to ensure Liberty Sky would align with their goals for the city. They quickly saw the value in adding high-rise residential living to its list of real estate offerings in the heart of downtown SLC. Together, we discovered knowledgeable insights that will take the apartment building from project inception to completion.

All in all, this joint venture between all commercial real estate development parties will make the Liberty Sky Apartment building one of the most in-demand residential properties in Salt Lake City. Not only will it answer the call for upscale living and more rental properties in Utah’s booming real estate market, but will forever change the skyline and transform the downtown area.

Nate Boyer, President

Leasing, development, and build-to-suit leaseback work are among Liberty Sky’s project manager and President of the Boyer Company Nate Boyer’s project management skills. He has experience managing and developing a combined 2.5 million square feet of office and associated commercial space in several areas in and outside of Utah. As President of The Boyer Company, Nate has a thorough understanding of the development process, from site selection to entitlement, design, construction, and occupancy.