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The Boyer Company has provided professional property management services for its clients since 1972.

Our management team currently services a diverse portfolio of over 16,000,000 square feet of office, government, industrial, retail, and residential property valued in excess of $1 billion. Boyer has developed and managed properties for private and public companies. It has also had significant experience in developing and managing buildings for various government agencies.


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Boyer’s management approach begins with the development of a comprehensive annual business plan based on the goals and objectives of the client. Implementation of the plan is supervised carefully and reviewed regularly.

Working with our Property Managers

All tenant requests for service are processed promptly and Boyer’s property management team is in constant communication with cutting edge technology, and is available on a 24-hour basis.

Regular site visits and inspections are a routine part of each manager’s schedule.

Because of Boyer’s involvement, it has developed an “Owner” approach that keeps costs down, but does not compromise building standards.

The Boyer Company has extensive experience in providing construction management services for new construction and remodeling.

Our Property Managers

They take genuine pride in their work.

Boyer’s property managers know their properties and their contractors and vendors. Because the property managers are “result” oriented, they receive excellent response from their vendors. In providing management services, Boyer’s emphasis stresses a commitment to maintain a high degree of tenant satisfaction while operating the property to maximize the long-term value of the asset.

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Jeff Machin Property Manager

Jeff Machin

Director of Property Management - Retail Properties

Tracy James Property Manager |

Tracy James

Director of Property Management - Office/Retail Properties

Dawn Katter Property Manager

Dawn Katter

Director of Property Management - Medical Properties

Tony Tingey Property Manager

Tony Tingey

Property Manager - Office

Danny Davis Property Manager

Danny Davis

Director of Property Management - Boyer Hill Military Housing

Brad Mellor Property Manager

Brad Mellor

Property Manager Office Properties

Steve Lund Property Manager

Steve Lund

Property Manager Medical Properties

Matt Coulam Property Manager

Matt Coulam

Property Manager Office/Retail Properties

Jill Richardson Property Manager

Jill Richardson

Property Manager Medical Properties

Brian Frederick Property Manager

Brian Frederick

Property Manager Office Properties

Tyler Burton Property Manager

Tyler Burton

Property Manager BDO

Zach Krum Property Manager

Zach Krum

Property Manager BDO