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Tucson Commercial Real Estate

For over 50 years, The Boyer Company has led commercial real estate development in the Western United States. Our expertise as a full-service developer and manager of office, retail, industrial, medical, government, and other specialty types of real estate has kept us at the forefront of design and innovation.
As Tucson expands, our team is there to help your business find the perfect community where it can thrive. Maximize your portfolio potential with our experienced developers, who are experts in a wide range of real estate services in Tucson and beyond.

Boyer in Tucson – Tucson’s Commercial Real Estate Market

Successfully navigating commercial real estate in Tucson, Arizona requires expertise and dedication. Our experienced team has the knowledge needed to guide your company through the development process effectively. Take a look at some of our recent projects and imagine what we can do for your company.

Rio 2100 East Office Building | Tucson commercial real estate development

Commercial Real Estate Development in Tucson by The Boyer Company

The Refinery commercial office development project in Tucson, AZ - The Boyer Company

The Refinery

La-Cholla commercial real estate developers

La Cholla Medical Plaza

Boyer's Commercial Real Estate Services and Areas of Development in Tucson

Clients of The Boyer Company have the opportunity to receive planning, management, quality control, support, and service from the beginning to end of their real estate development project, including ongoing post-occupancy support. Choose from our various real estate services to tailor an experience for your company’s precise needs. When you work with Boyer, we tackle the complexities of the Tucson real estate market, allowing you to focus on maximizing your portfolio potential. From helping your company acquire land to construction and beyond, Boyer will be by your side, ensuring complete oversight and support through every phase.

As experts in commercial real estate in Tucson, Arizona, our team takes a thoughtful approach to design and real estate development. Throughout the process, you’ll receive constant communication for a seamless experience, allowing you to review and approve every project detail. Using our decades of experience, we provide thorough analysis and solutions, helping you to make decisions across all sectors.

Refinery at the Bridge - Tucson commercial real estate

Meet Our Tucson Commercial Real Estate Developers

The experienced team at Boyer is uniquely positioned to create value for our clients in the Tucson commercial real estate market. Because we have decades of experience in various markets, we can tackle any real estate development, creating new and unique solutions along the way. We remain committed to providing our clients with price sensitivity and incredible integrity while sticking to extreme quality. Yet, we remain flexible to be the ideal partner to create a highly-rewarding experience and project for your company.

At Boyer, we take the time to curate successful partnerships with our clients in any industry. When you need top-rated commercial developers in Tucson, you can be assured that Boyer will create a strategy to meet your company’s needs and deliver a project you’ll love.

FAQs About Real Estate Development in Tucson

Why should I hire a real estate developer in Tucson?

Hiring a real estate developer is not only a smart move; it’s the best way to maximize your return on investment. Because commercial real estate in Tucson, Arizona, can be complex, a developer will take over the process on your behalf, making hundreds of daily decisions so you won’t have to. Developers shoulder this load for you, navigating budgetary needs, contracting vendors, and other day-to-day duties where they excel. Real estate developers will be by your side until the final papers are signed.

Another reason to hire a real estate developer is the possibility of financial support. Because many real estate developments require financing from outside investors, a real estate developer can help to offset any stress of locating funding. At Boyer, we offer internal cash for project delivery costs that incur during the initial stages of development that help to cover fees like site project mobilization costs and due diligence expenses.

Do Tucson developers need a license?

Tucson developers don’t need a license, but at Boyer, we insist all of our real estate developers hold real estate licenses in every state we serve. By doing so, we maintain an outstanding magnitude of quality and consistency across the board.

One such license we hold is The Realtors Land Institute’s Accredited Land Consultant (ALC). For this license, land developers must present several documents, including an active real estate license, institute membership of at least six months, and a minimum of three years of experience in areas like real estate sales, development, and brokerage.

In addition to these requirements, applicants must also complete courses through Land University and even pass an exam. The membership must be active for it to remain valid. To learn more about property developers’ specific requirements in your area, contact the development team at Boyer real estate.

How do real estate developers get financing?

Many real estate development projects need financing from outside investors. Real estate developers assist companies through the process of securing funding for a project. In order for the process to go smoothly, the real estate developer companies should have a long-standing relationship and a vast real estate portfolio to demonstrate their financial strength. The development firm should also have no history of defaulting on any project or lending obligation.

In the initial stages of the project development, developers should offer their internal cash for project delivery costs incurred during the initial stages of the project development, such as design fees, site due diligence expenses, and project mobilization costs. Once you have received funding, additional assistance to manage a project’s expenses will be needed while working with the manager on a plan to optimize budgetary needs best.

Financing and property development phases are complex, and hiring an experienced real estate developer like Boyer is essential to help you navigate any challenges.

What is real estate development?

Real estate development is the management of the development and construction of land or property. Development involves acquiring property, designing construction plans, overseeing day-to-day activities, and handling all costs. In response to each client’s needs, real estate companies can provide various services, such as contracting vendors, acquiring licensing and permits, managing buildouts, securing leases, and much more.

Some real estate investors tackle development on their own, but it often becomes challenging and time-consuming. When you hire a real estate developer firm such as Boyer, you’re receiving a developer who will help you through every phase of the process. Contact our team today to work with our qualified developers for commercial real estate in Tucson.

What is the process of real estate development?

Real estate development turns ideas into tangible property capable of providing monetary value. This involves the entire process, from land speculation to acquisition and the construction of new property and even tenant improvements. A real estate development firm is a company that helps you hire an architect, establish necessary licensing, and handle other daily activities that bring the entire process together. Begin your search for a real estate developer by contacting our team. We’re the experts at tackling the complexities of commercial real estate in Tucson, Arizona.

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The Boyer Company has set new industry standards in real estate development in Tucson and beyond. When establishing your business or your portfolio, you’ll want the most trusted and experienced team by your side. Our years of dedication and expertise have given us the leading edge to meet and exceed the needs of any of our clients. Our talented team members have the knowledge and financial capabilities to make your project successful. Contact our Tucson commercial real estate developers when you’re ready to take the next step on your project.