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Boise Commercial Real Estate Development

Give your property portfolio a boost with one of the top commercial developers in Boise, Boyer Real Estate. The experienced developers at Boyer can help maximize your business potential by identifying the perfect location. As a full-service developer, Boyer offers investors and occupiers a complete array of commercial real estate services. We’ve been in business for over 51 years. We have developed more than 43 million square feet of commercial real estate to become one of the largest real estate development companies in the Western United States. Don’t miss out on Boise’s booming real estate market. Discover what Boyer can do for you today.

Boyer Company in Boise: Boise’s Changing Commercial Real Estate Market

Let Boyer pilot your project through the competitive Boise commercial real estate market. Boyer’s real estate portfolio is full of successful development projects in many competitive markets throughout the Western United States.

With everything from global supply chain issues to local regulations, you never know what might cause delays or disasters for your project. When problems arise, the experienced team at Boyer Real Estate can find creative solutions and keep your project moving. When you work with a real estate development company with Boyer’s experience, you get a leg up on the competition.

Building materials are already in short supply these days. Combine that with Boise’s housing boom, and the competition heats up. And it’s not just materials. The competition for labor and equipment in the Boise area continues to thicken.

That housing boom also means more Boise commercial real estate development projects and more competition for land in prime locations. The land acquisition experts at Boyer can help you with that too.

Boyer’s Commercial Real Estate Services in Boise

Boyer Real Estate continually proves itself as one of Boise’s most reliable real estate developer firms. Our experienced developers have the knowledge and expertise to help in every step of your project. See some of Boyer’s recent projects below.

industrial and commercial real estate development in Boise Idaho

Commercial Real Estate Development in Boise by The Boyer Company

boise gateway real estate | The Boyer Company

Boise Gateway Building 3


Boise Gateway

Commercial Real Estate Services and Areas of Development in Boise

Get planning, management, quality control, support, and service from start to finish on your real estate development project, including ongoing post-occupancy support. Our project management team helps you identify risks to your project and guides you to the safest solution. From land acquisition to construction and beyond, Boyer has all your commercial real estate services covered.

The design team at Boyer Real Estate knows how to get the most out of your space. Its experienced, thoughtful approach epitomizes Boyer’s integrated commercial real estate development process. As your project progresses, many of our teams will get the chance to help you. As each team handles their part of your project, you’ll receive constant communication for a seamless experience.

The development services we provide include the following:


Meet Our Commercial Real Estate Developers in Boise

Boyer became one of the top-rated Boise developers by completing projects for clients and partners across a wide variety of industries. Our dedicated team has more than 51 years of experience finding creative solutions to development projects across the Western US. We take pride in that experience and that we can put it to work to benefit your next project.

Develop your next commercial real estate project with help from one of the few real estate developer companies that have a proven track record of designing creative strategies for constructing all kinds of buildings across Idaho, Boyer Real Estate. See some of our commercial real estate development projects here.

Contact Boyer to learn more about our real estate services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Development in Boise, Idaho

Should I hire a real estate developer in Boise?

A real estate developer can improve your return on investment — especially with commercial projects. Commercial construction requires constant decision-making and oversight. When you hire a development partner, they shoulder the majority of the load by walking you through the development process. With experience managing budgetary needs, acquiring permits and licenses, contracting vendors, or other day-to-day duties, skilled real estate developers save you money and time.

If you haven’t quite made it to the construction phase yet, a development firm can also advise you on land acquisition. Start your search for a real estate development team by contacting the Boyer Company’s experienced developers in Idaho, Utah, and beyond. Our commercial real estate development services will help you get your project headed in the right direction.

Do real estate developers in Idaho need a license?

There is no requirement for real estate developers to obtain certification or licenses. However, many developers choose to earn licenses that can boost their qualifications and benefit their clients.

For example, the Realtors Land Institute’s Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) credential is a license offered within real estate development. Land developers can qualify by submitting several documentation pieces, including:

An active real estate license
Institute membership for at least six months
Proof of a minimum of three years of real estate experience in areas like real estate sales, brokerage, or development.

Additionally, applicants must complete courses through Land University and pass an exam. Property developers must keep their membership active for it to remain valid. If you want to learn about property developers’ specific requirements in your area, contact the Boyer Company.

What is real estate development?

Also known as property development, real estate development is a series of activities that involve the management, improvement, construction, and sale of property.

A real estate developer will provide management services that bring the entire development process together, whether it is hiring an architect or other vendor, establishing necessary licensing, and handling other day-to-day activities. Real estate development also involves navigating financial needs by focusing on project design and managing construction activities. You can begin your search for a real estate development team by contacting the Boyer Company in Idaho. Our commercial real estate developers offer services that will maximize the potential of your project.

What is the real estate development process in Boise, Idaho

Real estate development is all the tangible improvements to a property that provide increased monetary value. The process encompasses buying property, designing construction or renovation plans, managing day-to-day activities, and navigating costs. Real estate developers help at every stage of this process, whether it’s contracting vendors, acquiring licensing, and permits, creating space design, finding financing, managing buildouts, or securing leases. While it’s possible for property owners and investors to manage real estate development on their own, it is a challenging, time-consuming process that can quickly become expensive without the right strategy.

The real estate developers at Boyer can help you manage development by guiding you through the entire project, from acquisition, design, and construction. If you are interested in working with our qualified real estate developers in Idaho, contact the Boyer Company today.